We work with our clients to develop style guides and we can develop a workflow specific to your requirements.

Our highly efficient, scalable, and quality controlled process allows us to maintain fast turnaround times (with 2 days delivery option) and keep costs affordable.

We shoot and deliver 100+ color-accurate, consistent pack-shots a week with high attention to detail.

Corporate Portrait and Headshot Photography

You need a headshot, and not just any old headshot will do. Your headshot needs to tell a story.

Are you a CEO being featured in magazines or a professional being featured in journals? Maybe you are an executive trying to build your client portfolio? Or perhaps are you trying to leverage business from your social media profiles?

Whatever your needs, your headshot should be selling you when you’re not there to sell yourself

commercial videography


Dr. Pixels provides full corporate video production services for your company’s campaign, product or service.

Our commercial videography services provide full corporate video production services including concept development, production, and post-production.

Graphics & Motion design

Motion design lies at the intersection of graphic design, illustration, and animation. It’s a fascinating field of design and using it can help you create stunning videos that captivate your audience.

You can use motion graphics videos to tell inspiring stories, introduce your product to a larger audience, or explain what your business is all about. The only limit is your imagination — clichéd, but true. So, to hopefully expand the limits of your imagination.